Calling for Memories: Celebrate 75 Glorious Years at Mother of God Church!

We’re excited to commemorate the incredible journey of Mother of God Church as we celebrate our 75th anniversary. To mark this historic milestone, we’re inviting our parishioners and community members to take part in a special celebration of memories.
We’re Collecting Your Precious Moments: From Detroit to Our Present Day

Do you have cherished photos of you and your family at Mother of God Church? Whether they’re captured at the very inception of our church in Detroit or more recent memories, we’d love to celebrate with you!

Send us a short story of your journey at Mother of God Church. These could be special moments during services, community gatherings, weddings, baptisms, or any heartwarming occasion that holds a special place in your heart.

How to Submit: Click Upload on the form below

Submission Deadline: Thursday, February 15, 2024

Let’s reminisce together and create a tapestry of memories that honor the past and celebrate the wonderful moments that have made our church what it is today.

Warm regards,

Mother of God Church