Marriage is the Sacrament by which two baptized people enter into a union that lasts until the death of either party. They cease to be individuals but bind themselves to each other and become one flesh. The visible fruit of this union is children, but the spiritual reality happens during the sacrament. While marriage is the natural calling of every human being, the sacrament of marriage, which occurs between two baptized people, offers particulars graces for the couple and their children to help them become sanctified and to reach heaven.

Marriage Information

To open your wedding file please reach the office by phone  for details, 248-365-0565

*Weddings Should Be Scheduled At Least Six Months In Advance

Marriage Guidelines for Mother of God Chaldean Church

  1. This time that you must prepare for marriage is very sacred, it is very important that your focus and efforts are not concentrated on the externals (flowers, dresses, reception, etc.), but that you take a deep look at the holiness and beauty of the sacrament of marriage. The church strongly encourages you to have a simple wedding, not to mention the moral questions that can arise from bachelor and bachelorette parties. To properly prepare your souls to enter the sacrament of marriage, it is required of you to receive the sacrament of confession the week of your wedding. Please check Church websites and social media for confession times and availability.


  1. Marriage Class – Pre-Registration.

          There is a nominal fee ($150). Please register at before the first day of                  class!

  • Attend 4 consecutive weeks of class.

       We have customized this program to have elements of live presentations, professional videos, and time for group                     discussion. We will provide light refreshments each night.

  • Each night: Arrival/Check-In 6:45PM – 10:00 PM End of Session
  • Mother of God (First 4 Thursdays of every even month)
  • Joseph (first 4 Saturdays of every odd month)

       Please contact the Marriage Preparation Coordinator Dalia Atisha at E-mail:

  1. Natural Family Planning – Pre-Registration.

      There is no charge for this class. Please register at before the first day of               class!

  • A complete NFP training is made up of 2 sessions, each session is a month apart to allow for charting.
  • Classes are offered on the 1st Wednesday of the month at Mother of God Church.
  • One class is two sessions that must be attended in order; the first session would be on any 1st Wednesday of any month you attend, then the second session on the next 1st Wednesday of any month, since they build on each other.


  1. Marriage License – Apply for a marriage license in the county of your residence.
    • Oakland County: 1200 N Telegraph, Pontiac, MI (248-858-1000) dept. 413.
    • Macomb County: 40 N. Main St. Mount Clemens, MI 48043 (586-469-5205).
    • Wayne County: Call for information at (313- 224-6262).
  2. When applying for a marriage license be aware of the following:
    • A marriage license is only valid for 30 days from the date of application
    • You do not need to get married in court you apply for the license only; your church marriage will also be your legal marriage.
    • Bring your marriage license to the church at least two weeks before your wedding. The county office will give you two copies of your license, bring both copies to Mother of God.
  • When you bring your license in, bring the correct spelling of the names of the Best Man and Maid of Honor; they need to be at least 18 years old. If they are not, then you need to determine another adult to be your legal witness to sign the license.
    • One week after your wedding your original marriage license will be ready to be picked up from the church office. Either the bride or groom may pick it up. No one else is allowed to pick it up for you. Your legal marriage license will be sent to the county by Mother of God Church on your behalf.
  1. Rehearsal, Ceremony Coordination, and Music
    • You are required to have a wedding rehearsal.
    • Contact Silvana Mezo to organize the details (Scheduling, music, cost, etc.) at 734-7516043.


  1. The florist can only set up flowers in the church 30 minutes before the scheduled time of the wedding and must remove them immediately after the ceremony.
  • Please keep your church decorations simple.
  • Do not block the priest, no lit candles, no excessive flowers, etc.


  1. The photographers can take as many pictures as they would like during the ceremony. There is a point in the ceremony where the bride and groom are centered for a posed picture.
  • Pictures with the family are not allowed in the church, the proper time for family pictures is at the reception.


  1. Day of the Wedding
    • You must be at the church at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time of your wedding. There may be another wedding schedule before or after yours. If your ceremony starts 10 minutes after the scheduled time then there will be no wedding party procession, only the bride & groom will process.
    • Kids walking at the wedding party must be 3 years of age or older to walk alone.
    • You are not allowed to throw rice or candy inside or outside the church.
    • Please make sure no consumption of alcohol by the wedding party before the ceremony.
    • The bride, all bridesmaids and any female reader are required to dress modestly, decently, and appropriately. A shawl (see-through defeats purpose) is required to cover their shoulders & chest. We reserve the right to enforce one provided by the church regardless of if it matches your dress or not. Also, keep in mind the leg slit is at a decent height for dresses.
    • No zorna or any loud music is allowed.
    • The unity candle with two small candles and the klela (bows) is your responsibility
  2. Mother of God Church never charges a fee to get married at our Church. But we all have a responsibility to contribute to the longevity and future needs of the parish.  If you freely choose to donate to the future of Mother of God Church, you may do so.  The suggested church donation is $300 but you’re welcome to give more or less depending on what God invites you to donate to your parish.  If you desire to give a separate gift for the priests and deacon that is completely optional and at your discretion. 


Happy Planning