Welcome to a new year of Catechism and First Communion!  We are very happy to have you here with us this year. The first day of classes will be on Saturday, September 10th. We have exciting new changes for this year! First, we would like to welcome Fr. Bryan Kassa and Fr. Perrin Atisha to our Parish!

We will be using a brand new program for Catechism this year! Word of Life is an authentic and comprehensive program for both children and parents that will provide a complete family faith formation with materials and the expansive digital library of videos and media that connects to Formed. We will be using this program for kindergarten through 5th grade!  For 6 – 8 grades please go to the bottom of the page to register them for .com/jr.  

Please note that this year we have a new time for First Communion! First Communion will be from 12:30 – 5:00pm only on Saturdays in the basement. It is no longer a 2-day program. Attendance is required every Saturday.  Catechism will be from 2:00 – 5:00 pm. We will have mass every Saturday at 4:00pm. Each classroom
will be dismissed individually, please pick up your children from the teachers in the hall after attending mass.

There will be mandatory meetings for both First Communion parents and Catechism parents on the first day, September 10th. First Communion meeting will be 12:30 pm in the basement. Catechism meeting will be at 2:00pm in the upper hall.

This year, all communication will be through WhatsApp. Please use this QR code to register – scan or upload this QR code using your camera to join. If you have not downloaded the app, do so first.

Registeration is Clossed