.CoM stands for Children of Mary. It is a youth group program for high school students from 9th – 12th grade at Mother of God Church. This year we will meet in the upper hall from 7 pm-9 pm every Tuesday during the fall to the spring semesters. All high school students are welcome to come to learn about our faith in a fun way! The .CoM leaders are there to help plant the seed of faith into the students and encourage them to nourish it as they grow into their future adult selves. The goal is to encourage students to learn how to incorporate Christ in everything that they do and then to become disciples of Christ and to spread His love to others as it teaches in the Bible. Talks are given by the leaders each week, followed by small group time where students can have discussion time. Then the night is ended with Jesus in adoration.

If you feel called to lead Mother of God’s high school youth group every Tuesday’s, please click on the betten below. Please fill out the application in prayer. The deadline to apply is July 31st.