Please contact the office if you feel called to the priesthood or religious life.

Holy Orders is the Sacrament which grants the recipient the mission and authority and power to continue the work of the Apostles. There are three degrees of this sacrament. The first degrees grants the recipient the authority to be a Deacon which is Greek for “servant” (1 Timothy 3:8.) These men are called to serve at the Mass by reading the Gospel, give homilies, are ordinary ministers of Communion, and baptism. The second degree is that of the priest, which comes from the Greek presbyter, which is an “elder” in the Church (Acts 14:23). They can hear confessions, say the Mass, anoint the sick, officiate weddings, and baptize. Finally, the final stage of Holy Orders confers the episcopacy, which is Greek for “overseer” (1 Timothy 3:1.) This confers on the person the ability to ordain priests and other bishops. Aside from the authority given in the Sacrament of Holy Orders, a person also receives all the graces necessary to live out their ordination.

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