Communion Class 2024-2025

Welcome to Mother of God Chaldean Catholic Church Communion Registration!

Thank you for choosing Mother of God Church to prepare your children to receive their First Holy Communion! We are pleased to have you and your children be part of this year’s communion program.

Here are the main points for this year’s program:

  • Communion classes will start on Saturday, September 14th, 2024.
  • Communion Day will be on Saturday, May 10th, 2025.
  • There will be a mandatory meeting for parents and children with the teachers and the priests on the first day of communion (9/14/2024). Please make sure that you attend it.
  • The cost will be $200 per child; this includes:
    • A Bible.
    • A gown.
    • Photos and video package.
    • Classroom supplies.
  • Classes will take place every Saturday from 12:30 pm – 4:00 pm; followed by mass from 4:00 – 5:00 pm.
  • The kids will have a 20–30-minute lunch/snack break during class hours (lunch and snacks should be provided for each child by their parents).
  • Each child is allowed to miss no more than three (3) classes. Justification must be provided for each absence.
  • We kindly ask that once you register your son/daughter into the program, please ensure they are committed. This is to say, that communion classes will take priority over any other functions, such as sports or other activities.
  • Attendance will be taken during class. Please make sure to contact one of the teachers if your child should miss class that day.
  • We will be using WhatsApp for our group and individual chat, so please make sure that you download this app to your phone if you do not have it already.
  • As you register your children online, please ensure that all the information you enter is accurate. Please make sure that the spelling of names and addresses is correct, and that contact information such as phone numbers and email addresses are entered properly.

We are looking forward to welcoming you and your children to our communion program for this year.